The Start of a Revolution

On 25th August 2023, 16 cancer survivors from all walks of life dressed for the runway show for the first time together in the inaugural edition of Fashion For Cancer (FFC).

This Fashion For Cancer charity runway show showcases an amalgamation of style, resilience and hope; where fashion becomes a transformative force for individuals facing the formidable challenges of cancer. Featuring 16 cancer survivors with ages ranging from 9 to 59 years, walking the runway decked in In Good Company, Charles & Keith and Moss & Lupine, this runway illuminates stories of triumph over adversity.

This event raised S$139,891 for the NCSS Cancer Fund, surpassing our target of $100,00.

  • Rong Liang, 38 (1985-2023)

    Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in 2021, Rong Liang's motto was "Don't fear death, fear not living". He believed that cancer had gifted him the wisdom of relinquishing the past and to instead live in the present, and didn't let his sickness keep him from fulfilling his last wishes. He passed away on 18th September 2023. 🕊️

  • Eileen, 38

    A triple negative breast cancer survivor and also a preschool teacher. From getting her diagnosis, to undergoing her surgery, and losing all her hair, nothing stopped her from thriving and rising above the difficulties brought about by cancer She believes that she is stronger than cancer and her scars will never define who she is.

  • Charlene, 40

    Once a successful tech entrepreneur, the three words "you got cancer" knocked Charlene off her feet. After four rounds of chemo, she discovered that beauty goes beyond appearances - it emanates from within. Her journey also made her realize the importance of living life fully, cherishing time with loved ones and finding happiness in simple things.

  • Shuwen, 34

    Shuwen's cancer journey began with a misdiagnosis, which led to her getting diagnosed at an advanced stage 6 months later. Amidst the challenges of cancer treatment and through the support of her peers, she found solace and embraced the impermanence of life, cherishing each moment and truly appreciating the gift of each new day.

  • Tracy, 37

    Despite being diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after her marriage and starting a new job, Tracy endured a full suite of cancer treatments, from extensive chemo to a mastectomy and breast reconstruction, and recovered successfully. Now, she enjoys life, adopting a poodle, traveling, and raising awareness in the community by sharing her journey!

  • Vivienne, 38

    Meet Vivienne, a singer, emcee, voiceover artist, copywriter, coffee addict and breast cancer survivor. Despite the shock of her diagnosis in 2017, she turned to God and through faith, the support of loved ones and envisioning a brighter future, she found peace and the determination to fight. Remission arrived in 2018 and she embraced the future with gratitude and strength.

  • Arun, 59

    Mr Arun was aiming for a personal best marathon time in 2015 when he was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer. Overcoming his shock, he transformed vulnerability into strength and embraced a warrior mindset. Winning 1st Runner-up in the Manhunt SG Pageant at 58, despite being a cancer warrior proved his resilience. Through his journey, he aims to inspire others to fearlessly confront their challenges no matter how hard it may be.

  • Zen, 35

    Life took an unexpected turn when her baby was just four months old, and Zen received the news of being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Zen underwent a mastectomy, lymph nodes clearance, chemo and radiation, and eventually lost her hair due to chemotherapy and experienced a loss of identity. But with the support from family and friends, she was able to conquer the obstacles of her cancer journey.

  • Gabriel, 30

    Gabriel was diagnosed with leukemia at the tender age of 19 years old, when he was still studying in Polytechnic and pursuing a career in football. Refusing to let life knock him down, he overcame this adversity - juggling school work, taking exams in hospital and undergoing cancer treatment, with the help of his loved ones. Today, he lives life fully and is a proud father-to-be.

  • Yvonne, 35

    Meet Yvonne, a marketer and a mother who faced a life-altering diagnosis in 2019. Despite her battle with breast cancer, she refused to let it define her. Through journaling and exercising, she found strength and discovered her passion for Muay Thai. Today, Yvonne embraces a vibrant and colorful life, proving that there's beauty beyond cancer's challenges.

  • Ling Ling, 54

    Halfway through a charity golf game in 2013, veteran MediaCorp actress Pan Ling Ling received news that she has stage 1 breast cancer. She swiftly sought medical treatment, beginning with a partial mastectomy and breast reconstruction followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. After battling cancer, this self-styled warrior is stronger than she ever was.

  • Charlie Rose, 9

    Charlie Rose has spent much of 2023 warded in hospital undergoing chemo and stem cell treatment. She was wrongly diagnosed with junior arthritis in 2021 despite her developing high fever and pains, and diagnosed with leukaemia only in 2022. She is attending Arc Children’s Centre for children with critical illnesses and looks forward to restarting primary school in 2024.

  • ZhiZhong, 33

    ZhiZhong was 20 and doing his national service when he was hospitalised for a week after a prolonged nosebleed. Shortly after his discharge, he received a diagnosis of nasopharyngeal cancer. Today in remission, he is backpacking across the world one offbeat destination at a time. Swallowing difficulties, a consequence of Radiation Therapy, have become a part of his journey, adding depth to the myriad challenges that accompany a cancer survivor's story.

  • Nicky, 42

    Photographer, filmmaker and most importantly a proud papa and loving husband, Nicky fought his Lymphoma cancer twice within the span of 4 years but not without coming out stronger and wiser. Nowadays, Nicky goes by the mantra to live each year like his last, not because of pessimism, but because it encourages him to live life with so much more meaningful gratitude and appreciation.

  • Sadie Hall, 15

    At the age of 2, Sadie was diagnosed with leukemia and battled the illness through 2 years of chemo. As she got older, she realised how much the ordeal put her and her family through. Sadie feels very fortunate to have a loving and supportive family. She appreciate her friendships and all the opportunities she has. And she loves her dogs.

A Night of Strength and Resilience.