Where Fashion meets a Good Cause

In a world where fashion and beauty have often been associated with superficiality, there is a remarkable movement that transcends appearances and celebrates the very core of human strength – the Fashion For Cancer charity runway show. Birthed out of a dream to bring hope and positivity to those battling cancer, the Fashion For Cancer charity runway show not only seeks to raise funds, but also allow cancer survivors to showcase their resilience, strength, and valiant efforts in battling cancer.

May this fashion show serve as a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who have battled cancer head-on, and a beacon of hope to those on a similar path too. Together, let us fashion a world of healing and hope - one outfit, one step and one heartfelt connection at a time.

Meet the Founder

I have experienced the devastating effects of cancer in my family - my uncle, mother, aunts and 2 cousins have passed away from the disease. Last year on 18th September, just 2 weeks after the inaugural launch of Fashion For Cancer 2023, my son Rong Liang, who had pancreatic cancer, passed away at the young age of 38.

As his main caregiver, witnessing the toll that cancer and its treatments took on my son’s overall well-being - physically, emotionally, mentally - was extremely difficult. Most days were filled with fluctuating energy levels, lack of appetite, frustration, sadness, anxiety, anger, and hopelessness.

This motivated me to consider how I can bring positivity and hope to those struggling with cancer, even if it is just for a day.

- Ong Bee Yan (@grey_evolution), Senior Model & Founder of Fashion For Cancer


2024 Fundraising Goal: $200,000 SGD

In 2023, we raised S$139,891 in aid of cancer research and patient support, surpassing our target of S$100,00! In 2024, with your help, we hope to raise S$200,000 through FFC’s fundraising efforts.

All proceeds raised through donations via giving.sg or tickets sales from FFC’s runway show and fringe events will be donated to National Cancer Centre Singapore's (NCCS) Cancer Fund to support the following efforts:

  • 50% - cancer research
  • 50% - cancer patient support

Join us in our efforts to inspire, encourage and empower those who are battling cancer and their loved ones.

  • Donate

    We welcome corporate sponsorship & donations to help us reach our fundraising target of $200,000!

    All donations on Giving.sg are 250% tax deductible.

  • Bulk Ticket Purchase

    Treat your VIP guests or staff to an exclusive invitation to our fundraising events:

    1) Charity Fashion Show (Saturday, 31 August 2024, 4 - 8pm at The Westin Singapore)

    2) Charity Film Screening (date: 18 September 2024). Details: TBC.

  • Fundraise

    Host your own charity drive and be a part of our fundraising efforts to make a difference in the community!

    A dedicated page can be created on Give.Asia for branding and tracking purposes.

    Interested parties, please email us at fashionforcancersg@gmail.com

  • Sponsor

    Align your products with our campaign values with the following sponsorship opportunities:

    1) In-kind Sponsorship

    2) Goodie Bag Sponsorship

  • Advocate

    Rally your community and use your online and physical platforms to help amplify the Fashion for Cancer fundraising campaign!

  • Volunteer

    Join the passionate group of volunteers that work behind the scenes to make this campaign a reality and success. Interested to be a volunteer, please email us at fashionforcancersg@gmail.com